Our Story

We are Rebecca & Kyle, co-founders of SHNOOZR. We met in New York City and began dating just before the Covid-19 pandemic. As work-from-home and the quarantine wore on, we found our jobs in both fashion and real estate becoming increasingly virtual. Our eyes were constantly glued to our smartphones (even more so than usual). We recognized this toxic habit was inhibiting our ability to break away from the constant information overload of work, news and social media. Eventually affecting our healthy sleep cycles.
We wanted to create separation between our intense home offices and our peaceful bedrooms. Rooted in our love for minimalism and holistic wellness, we decided to develop a practical way to promote a phone-free environment. The first generation retro-inspired SHNOOZR was designed to harken back to a simpler decade before WiFi and Bluetooth, while we forge towards the digital future.
Our hope is that we inspire others to put away their smartphones and use an alternative time keeping method at home. We have received great reviews and have heard loving stories from our Early Bird supporters. Our team is focused on continuing to develop and discover more ways to help you and your family sleep better.  
Shnooz ya later!